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2022 Elections - Candidate Bios

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Community Events

Foundations I (Track 1)

Foundations I (Track 2)

ASLIE Meet and Greet

MCDHub 6th Annual Pre-Superbowl Event

Onstage With Josh


SPIN Event - That Feeling of Unease

Virtual ASL Tour - Season of Warhol

Lyric Translation Workshop

Deaf Community Panel

Strategic Community Allyship: A Model of Success for Interpreters

The Medical Interpreting Kaleidoscope: A Conversation on Perspectives

Foundations II (Track 1)

Foundations II (Track 2)

CNYRID Town Hall Meeting

Sorenson Free Webinars

Bridging the Gap

The Beginnings of ASL in the United States

Movie Viewing - Lake Windfall

DAS BBQ Dinner and Museum of Deaf History Virtual Tour

DAS Online Auction

SPIN Graduate Celebration

April Talking Circle RESCHEDULED!!

Imagine RIT

April Showers MCingo

Red Wings Baseball Deaf Culture Day

Swans Auditions

DAS Day in the Garden

The Power of Visual Depiction Skills

CEU Book Study - Mother Father Deaf - Living Between Sound and Silence

Rochester Deaf Festival

Deaf Refugee Conference

RID National Conference

Finding Zoe Book Study

Foundations 1

Foundations 1

Apple Festival

Deaf Awareness Week Panel

Cromania! Performance and Green and Eggs and Ham Workshop

Deaf Professional Happy Hour

Discovering Deaf Worlds 9th Annual Benefit

Poker League Fridays at RRCD

Traditional Pinata Workshop for Deaf and HoH Children

October Talking Circle

SIA Fall Off-Campus Event

Rochester Rotary Deaf Club Open House

Deaf Foundations

Terp Talk: Music, Theater and Performance Interpreting

NTID 3rd Year Meet and Greet

SPIN - Observations: Etiquette, Discussions and What You Shouldn't Do

Foundations II

Terp Talk: Self-Care and Stress Management

Panel - Examining the Current Racial Climate

ASL Night at RIT Hockey - RIT vs Mercyhurst

De'VIA Exhibit Tours at the Memorial Art Gallery

December Talking Circle

December Roc That!

MCDHub Holiday Party

DeafBlind Women's History Panel

Open House Fridays at RRCD

GVR Hosted Events

Get to know the Monroe County Water Treatment Plant

Real Estate 101

Deaf Interpreters: For For?

Get to Know the Monroe County Crime Lab

Real Estate Signs

GVRRID Social Hour

GVRRID General Meeting

GVRRID Elections

POSTPONED - Get to Know the Monroe County Emergency Operations Center

GVRRID General Meeting

Alcohol, Tobacco and Other Drugs: Implications in ASL Interpreting

Getting to Know the Monroe County Jail

Getting to Know the Medical Examiner's Office

Getting to Know Stuff- ASL Edition Legal Interpreting - The Basic

Strategic Community Allyship Workshop

GVRRID General Meeting

GVRRID General Meeting

Basic Massage Techniques for Sign Language Interpreters

9-1-1 Call Center Tour

GVRRID General Meeting

Getting to Know the Rochester Airport

Erie Canal Museum Tour

Unlearning Words

Classifiers for Interpretation Enhancement

Interpreting's Most Outrageous Moments: An Ethical Study

Sexual Health and Reproductive ASL Classifiers Workshop

How to Work with DeafBlind People

GVRRID General Meeting

GVRRID General Meeting

Getting to Know the Hall of Justice


Get to Know the Monroe County Emergency Operations Center - Payment

Get to know Monroe County Water Treatment Plant

GVRRID 40th Anniversary Celebration

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April 2023 ENews

April ENews - Member Exclusive Content

Are You Eligible to Vote in the Upcoming GVRRID Elections?

August 2022 ENews

August ENews - Member-Exclusive Content

December 2021 ENews - Member Exclusive Content

Early April ENews - Member Exclusive Content

Early March ENews

Fall General Meeting

February 2022 Enews - Member Exclusive Content

February 2023 ENews

February ENews

GVRRID December ENews

GVRRID Elections - Meet the Candidates!

GVRRID Elections Results

GVRRID Elections

GVRRID Important Updates

Mid-March ENews - Member Exclusive Content

GVRRID Nominations - LAST CHANCE !

GVRRID October 2021 ENews - Member Exclusive

Important GVRRID Elections Reminder

January 2022 ENews - Member Exclusive Content

January 2023 ENews

July 2022 ENews

July ENews - Member Exclusive Content

June 2022 ENews

June 2023 ENews

June ENews - Member Exclusive Content

Late March ENews

Locally Presented Workshop Opportunity

Maine RID Virtual Workshop Opportunities - March 20th

March 2023 ENews

March ENews

May 2023 ENews

May ENews

May ENews - Member Exclusive Content

Mid-April ENews

Mid April ENews - Member Exclusive Content

Mid-August 2022 ENews

Mid-February 2022 ENews - Member Exclusive Content

Mid-February 2023 ENews

Mid-January 2022 ENews - Member Exclusive Content

Mid-July ENews 2022

Mid-June ENews 2022

Mid-June ENews - Member Exclusive Content

Mid-March 2023 ENews

Mid-May ENews - Member Exclusive Content

Mid-May ENews

Mid-November 2021 ENews - Member Exclusive Content

Mid-November 2022 ENews

Mid-October 2021 ENews - Member Exclusive Content

Mid-October ENews 2022

Mid-September 2022 ENews

Mid-September ENews - Member Exclusive Content

November 2021 ENews - Member Exclusive Content

November 2022 ENews

October 2022 ENews

Real Estate 101 Workshop - Registration Closes This Wednesday

Real Estate Signs Workshop - March 6th 9-11am

Real Estate Signs Workshop - Registration Closes Wednesday 3/1!

Region 1 AC President's Letter of Support

Reminder - Two Upcoming GVRRID Events!

September 2022

September ENews - Member-Exclusive Content

Upcoming General Meeting - March 13th 9-11am

Virtual Listening Session - August 12th

Special Election for GVRRID VP - Call for Nominations

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