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Lauren Dearman


Lauren is a graduate of NTID's interpreting program. She had been a freelance community interpreter for five years, and has worked at Sorenson VRS for four years. She has served as the Vice President of GVRRID for this recent term. She is running for Member at Large to stay involved in the community, and to help provide a smooth transition for the new board members.




Andreana Durkin, NIC: Master

Andreana grew up in RI, and has been interpreting in the Rochester community since 2005. She's worked at Monroe One BOCES, RIT, VRS, and in the community. She also worked on a research grant from 2013-2016 as a research associate/project interpreter for the Center for Education Research Partnerships at NTID. In 2008, she became certified NIC: Master. She has been a member of GVRRID since 2004, serving as Director from 2009-2012, Bridge Program chair from 2010-2013, and Interim Professional Development Coordinator in 2017. She regularly provides workshops on the NIC performance and interpreting in the Middle East, and presented one of her  research papers at the RID National Convention in New Orleans in 2015. She is currently the Interpreter Supervisor at Monroe One BOCES in Fairport. In her spare time, Andreana enjoys cooking Italian food and being outdoors with her family. I am running for the position of Member-At-Large because I do want to continue to pay back to the interpreting community that has helped me grow professionally over the years. I've been in several positions within GVR and loved the collegiality and networking opportunities the position presents. I hope to represent our community well, and look forward to thoughtful discussions about our profession and how GVR can support our continuing growth.

Eliza Fowler

Hello GVRRID Members!

My name is Eliza Fowler. I was born and raised in Northern Vermont until I came to RIT and started the ASLIE program. I graduated in 2016 and have spent the last couple years working in the Department of Access Services at RIT.

During my time as an Undergraduate, I worked at DAS and held leadership positions in my Greek Organization. As a student worker at DAS, I was expected to have very close attention to detail on my many projects and attend and take notes for a variety of professional development offerings. These skills would help me in my role as Secretary. In my position as the President of my Greek Organization, I worked closely with the secretary for taking minutes and compiling information during meetings.

I have been looking for additional ways to get involved in the interpreting community outside of RIT’s campus and ways to give back to the interpreting field post-graduation and I think serving on the GVRRID Board would be the perfect way to do that.

Lola Johnston

Lola Johnston, CI & CT, has been interpreting in the Rochester area since 1991. Shortly after arriving in Rochester, she served for a term on the GVRRID Board as co-Member at Large. In addition to her full-time interpreting position at RIT she also works VRS and occasional community jobs. She is actively engaged at GVRRID meetings, as well as SPIN and has mentored many students and younger colleagues.

Christina Kelley, CI/CT, SC:L

Chris graduated from Iowa Western Community College with an AAS degree in Interpreting and AA degree in psychology in 1985. She began her freelance practice at that time. She moved from Iowa to accept a position at NTID as a staff interpreter in the Department of Interpreting Services. While there, she obtained her BS in Criminal Justice from RIT.

After working at RIT, she was the first Director of Interpreting for The Health Association. At the same time she continued to freelance in educational interpreting as well as in community settings.

Currently, Chris is a full-time freelance interpreter; specializing in legal interpreting. She is part of a Cohort group for mentoring interpreting students. She is the liaison for the Student and Professional Interpreters Network (SPIN). She is also on the board for Partners in Deaf Health (PDH); an organization focusing on education and access to medical/mental health services for the Deaf Community.

Kathryn Pedersen, AAS, BS, CI, CT, Certificate of Healthcare Interpreting

I have been Interpreting for 23 years in Rochester and surrounding area. my degree in Educational Interpreting is from NTID. My bachelors degree is in Psychology, Deaf Studies, and Philosophy from RIT. I have worked in various realms including K-12, secondary & post secondary education, business meetings, dental appointments, 'community', staff for RIT, Interpretek, and SNAP VRS, video relay, and medical interpreting. I have been in private practice since 2010 and recently have been working primarily at Strong Memorial Hospital.

I have been a member of GVRRID since my final year in my ITP at NTID and have been involved in various capacities over the years. I have been a board member as well as serving on different committees. I feel that I have the experience and knowledge to offer that will benefit the board. I believe that GVRRID can be a resource for all practitioners in our field. I truly look forward to serving you.

Alexandra Wright

Alex is a proud alumni of RIT/NTID after receiving her B.S. in American Sign Language Interpreting Education. While a student in the ASLIE program, Alex completed two practicums at the University of Rochester Medical Center, participated in the peer mentoring program, assisted a translation work group for the National Center for Deaf Health Research Deaf Weight Wise study, and worked as a student intern for the Certificate in Healthcare Interpreting program and Innovation Grant.

Post-graduation, Alex’s involvement in the Deaf and Interpreting communities has not stopped. The summer after graduation, Alex attended the Mental Health  Interpreting Training Program hosted in Alabama. There, she volunteered at the five-day conference and was educated in topics like Demand-Control Schema, Working with Diverse Consumers, How to Navigate Mental Health Illnesses, and Dysfluency. For a short time, Alex also worked alongside Dr. Robyn Dean, on the development of a Teacher’s Version of the DC-Schema textbook. Building a strong relationship with Dr. Dean and Dr. Robert Pollard, has allowed Alex to think critically about ethics and decision-making processes. Currently Alex works as a freelance sign language interpreter in the Greater Rochester area and is excited to see where her career takes her.

As someone who loves being involved in the Deaf and Interpreting communities, the GVR position, Member at Large, seemed like a good fit for me. Not only do I have a passion for language, but professional development, networking, and creating a strong sense of community are near and dear to my heart. If elected Member at Large, I will dedicate my time to act as a liaison between EBoard and the rest of the community, keep communication lines open, assist in the recruitment of members, and help in any other capacity that I can!

Tristan Wright

To view Tristan's bio in ASL, please click here!

My name is Tristan Wright; I am running for the positions of Member at Large or Secretary of GVRRID. I am a certified member of both GVRRID and RID, having passed the NIC exam in November of 2017. I am an alumnus of the ASLIE program at NTID; I graduated suma cum laude and Outstanding Graduate in 2014. I have been a full time interpreter for two years. Presently I am a staff interpreter with Sign Language Connection as well as a freelance interpreter in Rochester. My work is primarily in higher education and mental health settings. I have a long history of involvement with various organizations: during my time at RIT I was the president of OUTspoken, the LGBTQ representative organization in Student Government for two years, followed by one year as the Student Relations Director in Student Government. I was one of the founding members of Tangent, the transgender student organization at RIT, and I was the creator of the commuter student organization on campus. I was also a Student Executive Assistant in the RIT Office of the President with Dr. Destler for two years. Following my graduation in 2014 I worked for a year and a half at the Out Alliance (formerly known as the Gay Alliance) as the Office Administrator. I have coordinated interpreting services for Rochester Pride for the past four years, and for the Rochester Erotic Arts Festival for the past three years. I am currently in the process of having an article on anarchism, accessibility, and ASL interpreting published in the journal Perspectives on Anarchist Theory and was awarded a grant by the Institute for Anarchist Studies to create a book on the subject. My future plans are to attend graduate school in interpreting with an aim  towards researching the impact of legislation on the field and the work of interpreters as well as the potential for a cooperative model for providing interpreting services. Other interesting facts about me include that I have been a vegetarian for 20 years, I spent three years living on communes in rural Virginia, I hold a BA degree in community theatre and French from the University at Buffalo, and that in my spare time I do a lot of corresponding with LGBTQ incarcerated people.


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