Sponsor Initiated Activities Definition

Sponsor Initiated Activities are workshops, conferences, supervision sessions and other events whose CEUs are directly sponsored by an RID affiliated organization like GVRRID.  Both GVRRID/CNYRID members and non-members can participate in Sponsor Initiated Activities.

How to Offer CEUs for your Workshop / Conference / Event / Supervision Session

If you would like to organize a workshop, complete and submit the following items at least 45 days prior to the activity to Alyx Vaisey. (Electronic submission highly preferred.) 

  1. Instructor's Form (Activity Plan) (Word Document submission preferred)
  2. Instructor's Resume, CV or Bio (PDF or Word Document preferred) 
  3. Promotional Materials (brochure, flyer, registration form, etc. (PDF or JPEG preferred  
  4. Educational Agenda / Handouts (Electronic versions preferred) 

For further details about the standards that RID requires CMP sponsors to follow, please read RID Guidelines for Sponsor Initiated Activities.

Flyer Requirements

  • Flyers must contain the following:
  • The exact phrase "GVRRID is an Approved RID CMP Sponsor for continuing education activities. This (General Studies / Professional Studies) program is offered for # CEUs at the (little/none, some, extensive, teaching) Content Knowledge Level."
    • Edit the text to indicate if it is General Studies or Professional Studies
    • Indicate the number of CEUs being offered
    • Indicate what content knowledge level the workshop is being taught at (the knowledge level of the participants)
  • The educational objectives - these can be exactly as listed on the instructor's form or can be in a condensed description
  • Refund policy or link to the cancellation / refund policy
  • The target audience
  • Statement of how to request accommodations
  • Non-discrimination policy

What Happens Once Everything is Submitted

Once you submit all of the above, GVRRID's CMP Coordinator will work with you to:

  1. Ensure the activity meets RID CMP/ACET standards and criteria, which may include revising learning objectives to be meet RID standards
  2. Post your activity on the RID workshop page (internal workshops do not need to be listed)
  3. Provide you with sign in sheets
  4. Provide you with Evaluation Forms
  5. Provide you with Activity Report Forms (where participants sign to receive their CEUs)
  6. Provide you with Certificates of Attendance
Please email Alyx Vaisey with any questions you may have!!
GVRRID's Workshop Guidelines can be found here.

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