Tips and Tricks for Interpreting on Zoom

Presented by
The Content Production Team
Department of Access Services at RIT

August 12, 2021
5:00 – 6:30
Zoom link will be provided with registration

To Register: send email to Carol Sirkovich


Workshop Description: This workshop will be presented in spoken ENGLISH. For accommodations, please contact Carol Sirkovich at the email above.

This workshop will focus on some tips and tricks of interpreting on Zoom with an emphasis on educational interpreting. We will describe and demonstrate various functions and participants will then have an opportunity to practice. Knowing where the blind spots are doesn’t mean they go away. What does your teamer need from you?  What do you need?  A lot of this is about staying agile regarding logistics and resilient about the rest of it.  Please make sure you have updated to the most recent version of Zoom, the functions may change with updates. There will be time at the end for Q and A.

Target Audience:  Interpreters and interpreting students who work through the Zoom platform wanting to learn more about the functionality and options of Zoom to make their work easier.

Please complete registration by 11 August 2021.

About your presenters: When the COVID-19 pandemic hit most of us were forced to pivot to interpreting on Zoom for most or all of our assignments. A group of interpreters in DAS started meeting to help each other learn what we could as fast as we could. The department then formalized the group as the Content Production Team and we then took on the task of helping colleagues, faculty and students troubleshoot the many features of Zoom. The team has worked to make interpreting on Zoom seamless and accessible for everyone.

Aaron Gorelick                                                      Jonathan Roman

Nancy Kikendall                                                    Jennaca Saeva

Julie Lindsay                                                         Carol Sirkovich

Allyson Martel                                                       Christy Smith

Jennifer Riccardi                                                   Melissa Van Hall