The Board of Directors for GVRRID

Sarah Cannon, President

Sarah Cannon has been interpreting for almost 20 years. She is a Rochester native and loves living and working in this community. She is excited to start this new season with GVRRID. She is hopeful that success can continue by concerted effort between interpreters and Deaf community members.

Sarah looks forward to working with everyone and collaborating to help our organization to thrive.



Lauren Dearman, Vice President

Lauren Dearman graduated from NTID/RIT in May 2013 and is currently working primarily as a freelance interpreter, as well as in the VRS setting at Sorenson. She became NIC Certified in February 2016 and is actively involved as a group member of the Rochester Freelance Interpreters. She also has a secondary career as a professional soccer referee.



Anthony Bizzarro, Secretary

Anthony Bizzarro is a Long Island native, who graduated from NTID's ASLIE program in May 2016. After taking an interest in sign language from his camp counseling of non-verbal autistic children, Anthony knew he wanted to incorporate signing into his everyday life. After discovering interpreting through his high school ASL class, he visited RIT/NTID and has never looked back!

In his time at RIT/NTID, Anthony has been involved with Deaf organizations like, Spectrum, ColorFEST, Student Interpreting Association, and the Cued Speech Club. Anthony's involvement in the Deaf community has made him come into his own. He cherishes open mindedness, and individuality, and feels he can express himself freely in Deaf spaces.


Alyssa Vaisey, Treasurer

Alyssa Vaisey is a Rochester native with multiple Deaf family members. She has been interpreting since 2000 and has a Bachelor's degree in interpreting. During high school and college, her bank teller job taught her cash handing skills and gave her valuable experience in the financial world. She went on to apply these skills in multiple volunteer positions, culminating in a position as the Director of Finance for an annual convention with almost 5,000 attendees.

Alyssa previously served as the treasurer of GVRRID from 2011-2013, but left the position after moving to Arizona, where she freelanced and worked in post-secondary education, VRI and VRS. Despite loving Arizona, she decided to return to Rochester to be closer to her family and is excited to be on the GVRRID board once again.

Kat Daviton-Burland, Member-at-Large

Hailed from New York City, Kat Daviton-Burland lives and works in Rochester, New York as an American Sign Language Interpreter since 2015.  She just received a certification in CDI in February 2016.  She wants to be a part of the GVRRID community, such as serving as its Member-at-Large, for she feels she would maintain liaison between the interpreting community and the Deaf and Deaf/Blind communities.

Kat has had 30 years of professional experience as a social worker for New York Society for the Deaf and Federation of Employment & Guidance Services; and, for the last 22 years, as a program director assistant for the Program for Deaf Adults at LaGuardia Community College/CUNY.  During her tenure, she has served on several advisory boards and committees.

Kat earned a Bachelor’s degree in Clinical Social Work at New York University, and a Master’s degree in Social Work at the School of Social Work, Hunter College/CUNY.  Furthermore, she has performed various interpreting and translating tasks over the past few decades – either as a part of her prior employment, as a direct contractor, or as a volunteer, such as interpreting meetings at Helen Keller National Center or as an ASL translation consultant at a musical festival.  She has also been actively involved in both Deaf and Deaf/Blind communities.

Erin Ireland Student Interpreter Representative

Erin Ireland is a third-year student in the ASLIE program at NTID, and was recently recognized with an RIT Outstanding Adult Student Award. She balances her academics with a job at Heritage Christian Services, where she has worked since 2008, supporting people with  evelopmental disabilities.  In July, 2016 Erin volunteered as a support staff at the RID Region I Conference in Pittsburgh, and is excited to become more involved in GVRRID at home.

Erin has a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree from Alfred University, and has exhibited her sculptures widely.  She also recently built a passive-solar house with her wife and now commutes to RIT from Walworth, NY.

Hayley York Member at Large

Bio and photo coming soon.


William Windhorn Deaf Member at Large

Bio and photo coming soon.



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