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GVRRID had their General Meeting Saturday, April 21, 2018.  I received quite a few emails about the prospect of trying to establish a state licensure for NYS interpreters. I want to make something very clear. There has been NO VOTE made or any proposition presented to the state senate yet. I know people have strong feelings about this topic and that’s why it is a discussion/feedback/concerns phase at this moment. Please do not email me telling me you oppose licensure, tell my WHY you support or don’t support it. It is the reasonable arguments and concerns that I will be looking for.




As I mentioned in a previous email, there is NO DEADLINE for feedback on NYS licensure.  There was quite a bit of confusion among the AC presidents about what legislation and which draft of a bill was being looked at. However, after discussion, it seems that they will be starting from scratch.  When our feedback is solicited, I will let you all know.  However, if you would like to continue sending feedback and concerns about licensure, you may continue to do so by sending it to:


Include in the subject heading: NYS licensure (if you don’t I may overlook your email). I will store your information until such a time it is to be submitted to the appropriate person or persons.  Again, I apologize for any confusion about the process.  There were a lot of emails, questions, and goals that seemed to become convoluted in various email chains. 


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