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This is my last president’s corner for GVRRID. My term has ended (effective June 30th, 2018) and Chris Kelley will be your new incoming president.


During these past two years, I have been able to work with many members of our profession and community to strengthen the relationships we have with each other. Although it has been at times difficult to navigate the ups and downs that GVRRID faces, it is by the continued participation of our members, committees, and board that make what we do possible.  Although I don’t think I accomplished everything I would have liked during my term, GVRRID has a stronger online presence, and are seeing more and more ITP student involvement.  This encourages me greatly; the next generation of sign language interpreters investing in their profession and community at the local level. So I want to say thank you to all those people who have given their time and effort to see GVRRID succeed and help prepare us for the next season and what it has in store. 


I do ask for your patience and understanding as the board transitions during the month of July.  There are logistics that need to be taken care of so that the new members of the board are up to date and prepared to take over in their respective roles. I know that everyone is excited for the upcoming year and opportunities that are in the works for interpreters to partake of in the Rochester and surrounding area.  Please continue to send any questions or concerns you have to:




This along with other email addresses will be transferred to the new board this month. Once again, thank you for the privilege of serving this organization and its members.  Have a wonderful summer!





Sarah Cannon

GVRRID President (immediate-past)




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