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From: Campbell McDermid

Hello everyone. I am sending this out as a mass mail out. I hope you are doing well.


I am writing because the ASL-English Interpreter Program at the University of North Florida (UNF) is doing a recruitment drive for our masters degree programs in interpreting.



I have a favor to ask. Could you forward this information to your members for us?


For Canadians, there are several benefits to our program at UNF. It is almost entirely online. It is my understanding that Canadian students pay the same tuition rates as out-of-state students, which has been reduced to in-state levels.


Current (2017) fees can be found here for out-of-state graduate programs (look for the information about the interpreting program):



For a 3 credit course at the 2017 rate of $595.43, a Canadian student would pay about $1,786.29.



We have some pretty great faculty teaching in the program as well.


This winter, we have waived the GRE requirements to see if we can make the program more accessible to students. The classes and lessons that are online are also posted in either ASL or written English, making the program accessible to both hearing and Deaf signers.


I have attached a flyer about the program. It has some contact information that might be helpful.


Thank you for sending this out and again, I hope you are doing well.



Campbell McDermid, Associate Professor

University of North Florida









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