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Good morning Members,

During the Business Meeting at the National Conference last summer in Salt Lake City, a number of motions were presented to the membership for discussion and voting.

One of those motions was referred by the voting members present to be considered, and voted upon, by all current certified members of the association via email referendum.

We apologize for the delay. The RID Board adopted a new procedure and worked with a group of volunteers to review the business meeting minutes. The meeting minutes were approved at the January Board Meeting, so we are now able to send this out to all eligible members. Please watch for an email today from:

We appreciate your understanding of the delay and the new process the Board is adopting to ensure the accuracy of RID records.

Article IX of the RID Bylaws discusses mail referendums. According to Article IX section (B) - the membership has 60 days to vote, and IX(D) states that the results of voting will be shared with the membership within 45 days after the referenda deadline.

The deadlines for this referendum are:

  • Open voting: January 29, 2018
  • Close of voting (60 days after the open of voting): March 30, 2018
  • Deadline to inform membership of results (45 days after the close of voting): May, 14, 2018 

Since RID has moved to an electronic voting system for mail referenda, it does not take us 45 days to tally the votes. This is a carryover from the days of when referenda were conducted by U.S. mail. The results of referenda conducted by electronic voting have typically been announced within one or two business days after the conclusion of voting.

CM2017.07 (previously listed as Motion CM2017.01): By Maura Nolin, Seconded: CEUs earned from online trainings be limited to 25% of the overall required total number of CEUs required to maintain certification. For specialist certifications, not more than 49% of CEUs for certification maintenance may be earned online.

Again, we apologize for the delay, and we look forward to sharing the results of this referendum with you.


The RID Board


Note: The numbering of this motion has changed. The motion was originally given a letter (Motion H) until it was brought before the membership at the 2017 business meeting in Salt Lake City, at which time it was assigned a number. While the proposed motion was numbered 2017.01, the actual conference motion is 2017.07.

More information on input provided regarding this motion are at the following links:













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