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Real Estate Signs Workshop
GVRRID Elections
GVRRID General Meeting
GVRRID Social Hour
Virtual ASL Andy Warhol Tour
Medical Interpreting Workshop
Allyship Workshop

Real Estate Signs Workshop

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GVRRID Elections

GVR is seeking nominations for the following Board positions:

1 year term - From election date through June 30, 2022
Vice President:
2 year term - From July 1, 2021 through June 30, 2023
2 year term - From July 1, 2021 through June 30, 2023
Deaf Member at Large:
1 year term - From election date through June 30, 2022

Please send nominations to by March 1st!

GVRRID General Meeting

Saturday March 13th, 9-11am

Come meet the candidates before voting opens on March 14th!

See our website for the Zoom links and phone numbers.

GVRRID Social Hour

Sunday March 6th, 5-6pm

Tired of social distancing and not being able to chat with your peers? Join us for a Zoom Social Hour!

Come chat with the GVR Board and your fellow Rochester area interpreters about anything that's on your mind! 

See our website for the Zoom links and phone numbers.

Virtual ASL Tour - Season of Warhol

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Medical Interpreting Workshop Opportunity

The Medical Interpreting Kaleidoscope: A Conversation on Perspectives

Saturday March 20th, 9a-12p via Zoom

Presented by Corey Axelrod

$40 - 0.3 CEUs, Professional Studies, RID CMP

As interpreters are an essential part of the multidisciplinary team in healthcare settings, how interpreters respond to various healthcare situations may affect job performance and, ultimately, patients' clinical experiences. During this interactive workshop, Corey Axelrod - 2axend's founder and CEO - will explore key stakeholder perspectives in various situations and equip interpreters with tools to provide services that are responsive to, an respectful of, Deaf clients, patients, family members and health care providers' preferences and communication access needs.

After the training, participants will:

  • Recognize common challenges and obstacles Deaf individuals encounter in healthcare settings;
  • Anticipate and react appropriately to difficult situations;
  • Be mindful of their own triggers and the effect they have on clients/patients, family members and members of the healthcare team; and
  • Understand and apply best practices to create positive communication accessibility experiences for all stakeholders.

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Strategic Community Allyship Workshop Opportunity

Strategic Community Allyship: A Model of Success for Interpreters

Saturday March 20th, 1-4p via Zoom

Presented by Corey Axelrod

$40 - 0.3 CEUs, Power, Privilege and Oppression, RID CMP

This workshop encourages participants to take a closer look at the perceived and actual benefits of strategic community allyship. Through Deaf lens, Corey Axelrod – founder and CEO of 2axend – will address privileges, individual and systematic biases and barriers, marginalization of ASL and Deaf culture, and the dynamics of social and systemic oppression. To address these long-standing issues that negatively impact the Deaf community, Corey will identify multiple ways sign language interpreters can effectively provide long-term individual and collective strategic support that will benefit the Deaf and interpreting communities.

After this workshop, participants will:

● Gain sensitivity and competence needed to effectively engage in conversations about overt oppression and the “-isms” the Deaf community faces;

● Identify and acknowledge potential where individuals’ powers and privileges may inadvertently or unintentionally oppress marginalized populations; and

● Understand and apply best practices to challenge the existing status quo and injustices.

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