GVRRID April 2023 ENews

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GVRRID Announcements
ENews Going Monthly
GVRRID Looking for PD Committee Members

GVRRID Looking for Committee Participation

RID Announcements
RID 2023 Conference - Save the Date

Workshops / Networking Opportunities
Role Space and Atypical Language Webinar - On Demand, Free
How to Be An Antiracist Book Study - Starts April 10th
Novice Interpreter VRI Course - Now until 4/15

Language Deprivation Pre-Conference - April 13-14th
Deaf in Healthcare Summit - April 14-16th
Allies Conference - April 14-16th

Deafopia - May 6th
Connect2Care Conference - May 6th
Reflective Self Assessments for Novice Interpreters - Now until 5/15

Yoga for Interpreters - Sundays

Educational Opportunities

Public Health and Equity Sign Language Interpreting Program

Employment Opportunities
Bromberg & Associates
Center for Disability Rights - Freelancers
Interpretek - 4 Available Job Types
KIS - Staff Interpreter
NTID - Interpreter Coordinator
NTID - Director of Access Services

Service Bridges - Freelancers
URMC - 5 Available Job Types

Community Resources
Deaf Wellness Center

GVRRID Looking for PD Committee Members

Hello members! GVRRID has someone interested in leading the PD committee, but has no committee members! Please let us know if you're interested in serving on the committee to bring workshops to the Rochester interpreting community. The more help we have, the lighter the work for everyone involved!
(Please note, committee members must be GVRRID members or join GVR to participate.)

Please contact President@GVRRID.org for more information!

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ENews Going Monthly

For the foreseeable future, the ENews is moving to a monthly format. This change is due to the amount of time required to curate and publish the ENews. Currently, this is all being done by one person, and they can no longer commit the amount of time required to do it twice a month. They thank you for you understanding.

Do you love the ENews and have an eye for detail? You could join the committee and help, which could mean it would be able to return to the bi-monthly format. If you're interested in helping, contact enews@gvrrid.org!

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GVRRID Looking for Committee Participation

Have you ever thought about getting involved with GVR but were worried it was too much work?

Consider becoming a committee member! The more people on a committee, the lighter the work for everyone!

Please consider joining any of the following committees below:
Bylaws Committee
ENews Committee
Membership Committee
PD Committee
Social Media Committee
Website Committee

Or, propose a committee of your own!
The only requirement of joining/forming a committee is being a GVR member.

Please email info@gvrrid.org if you're interested!!

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RID 2023 Conference - Save the Date

July 26-30, 2023 | Baltimore, MD

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Role Space and Atypical Language Webinar

Role-Space and Interpreting with Deaf People who use Atypical Language

0.1 CEUs

This pre-recorded webinar, presented by Robert Lee, introduces the concept of Role-Space and describes how it can be applied to working with a wide variety of language variation. The webinar is divided into three parts:

Part 1: Background and Fundamental Principles
Part 2: The Role-Space Axes
Part 3: Applications

Register here!

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Allies 2023 Conference

To Our Region I colleagues -

This year's Allies Conference, Back on Track: The Allies Journey is scheduled for April 14-16 this year.  For the 6th time, the conference will be held at the same hotel in Nashua.

This conference has been an institution in Region 1, a unique space where important conversations about the relations between communities occur and where open and authentic conversations about oppression are welcome.

For some, the concept of an Allies Conference is new and not that easy to describe.  It is not a workshop, but rather a venue for dialogue and exploration.  It is a place to come if you are interested in deep conversations.  It is a place where many interpreters over the years experienced   some of the most important learning opportunities in their careers.

For some, you had experiences that you didn't find valuable in recent years and have determined that you are not interested in returning.  We invite you to reconsider.  Frankly, this year's team brings the best of long-standing Allies experience with passion for what's possible and a structure for making it work.  

We recognize that the Allies Conference is not right for everyone, but if allyship is something you aspire to, the Allies Conference is an ideal, hands-on, opportunity to practice doing the work.

Meet our facilitators:

Read or watch the FAQs:

Register (Note: the Early Bird rate ends February 15) 
If you need to pay later, register now and let us know.  You'll still receive the Early Bird rate.

We're happy to answer any questions.  Please ask!

The Allies2023 Planning Team

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Language Deprivation Pre-Conference

Pre-Conference: 2023 Deaf In Healthcare Summit for Interpreters
April 13-14, 2023

Learn from the Experts!
A total of .6 CEUs will be offered during the pre-conference for the 2023 Deaf in Healthcare Summit for Interpreters. A specialized learning opportunity, this pre-conference will explore the topic of language deprivation/acquisition and its impact on interpreting dynamics in healthcare settings.

Learn more here!

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Deaf in Healthcare Summit

2023 Deaf in Healthcare Summit
Together Towards Transformation

April 14-16, 2023
Join us for the 3rd ever #DeafInHealthcare Summit for Interpreters!
A total of 1.5 CEUs will be offered during this action-packed, virtual summit. Sessions range from interactive presentations to armchair discussions focused on providing interpreters with insight, solutions and best practices to position Deaf and hard of hearing clients for success in healthcare settings!

We will also be co-hosting a pre-conference on the topic of language deprivation/acquisition and its impact on interpreting dynamics in healthcare settings.

Click here for more information.
Register here!

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How to Be an Antiracist

How to Be an Antiracist by Ibram X. Kendi
Book Study
April 10th - May 8th, 2023
Weekly live zoom meetings on M/W at 7pm EST
$40 DA members, $65 non-members

This PPO book studies course is based on the book: How to be an Antiracist by Ibram X. Kendi.  The purpose of this PPO book study course is to encourage individuals traditionally identified as privileged in society, particularly white interpreters, to consider how they may benefit from and contribute to important conversations about race and other issues involving diversity, inclusion, and social justice.

Overview: Ibram X. Kendi's concept of antiracism reenergizes and reshapes the conversation about racial justice in America--but even more fundamentally, points us toward liberating new ways of thinking about ourselves and each other. Instead of working with the policies and system we have in place, Kendi asks us to think about what an antiracist society might look like, and how we can play an active role in building it. This PPO Studies course takes the material from the book and applies it to the interpreting profession with the goal of providing systemic and personal changes.

Target Audience: Working Interpreters 

 (Please note: interpreting students should NOT participate in this course. For student oriented material, please email terpacademy@gmail.com)

Educational Objectives for How to be an Antiracist:

  1. Participants will define their own experience of “understanding racism” and realizing the differences among races-- and the impact of power, privilege, and oppression has on their role as an interpreter.
  2. Participants will identify and understand how to identify racism (both hidden and overt) and implement strategies to check for racism and apply accountability.
  3. Participants will understand how cultural differences and perceptions lead to racism and employ strategies to be an antiracist. 
  4. Participants will develop an action plan to address how they will apply antiracism in the interpreting profession. 

Register here!

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Novice Interpreter VRI Course

Interpreting in Video Remote Settings

Designed for Deaf, Coda, and Hearing Interpreters
Check out this free online course on building capacity for interpreting in video remote settings. It is the fifth offering in Stepping Stones for Novice Interpreters, a self-directed track from the CATIE Center’s Dive In project

This course introduces interpreters to the work of Video Remote Interpreting (VRI). Details for equipment setup and software functionality are discussed, followed by an introduction to the Role-Space Model framework. Using the Role-Space Model, participants will analyze decisions made in a recorded VRI session and then have the opportunity to practice in the same mock situation.

For Deaf interpreters, you can practice from the feed by the certified hearing interpreter. For Coda/ The course emphasizes reflective practice and peer discussion. 

Learning Objectives:
Participants completing this course will be able to:
- List the equipment necessary for providing VRI
- Explain the limitations or advantages to three software platforms used to provide VRI
- Apply the Role-Space Model to analyze various decisions interpreters make while providing VRI services

The course is designed to be completed over 6 weeks, at your own pace. Each module will have a specific focus and include opportunities for application and reflection. Modules can be completed in approximately 3-4 hours. The course will be available from February 20 – April 15, 2023.


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Saturday May 6th, 10am - 5pm
Village Gate Square
274 North Goodman St
Rochester, NY 14607

Register here!

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Connect2Care Conference

Connect2Care Virtual Conference
May 6th, 2023
9am to 7pm CST. 
Up to 0.8 CEUs (0.6 PPO, 0.2 GS)

ASL interpreters provided for most workshops (our keynote workshop will be presented in ASL only). 

The workshop topics for our 2023 conference include:

Racial Trauma: Considerations for Interpreters with Roshni Shukla
Foundations of Group Therapy with KaLynn Terrell
Queer Experiences & Gender Affirming Care with Kendall Smith
Keynote: Linguistic Deprivation: Considerations for Interpreters with Jacob Thornton

This is an exciting opportunity for working interpreters to increase their skills in the area of mental health interpreting. 

Click here for more details!

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Reflective Self Practice for Novice Interpreters

Reflective Self Practice for Novice Interpreters

Check out this free online course on building capacity for reflective self-assessment. It is the sixth offering in Stepping Stones for Novice Interpreters, a self-directed track from the CATIE Center’s Dive In project.

This course is designed to encourage thoughtful work production as well as ongoing reflection and evaluation of factors influencing interpreting decisions. Participants in this course will each begin by individually interpreting a source text. They will then examine the interpretation they created and reflect upon their work using categories adapted from the Interpreting Performance Assessment Rubric (ProjectTIEM). The Interpreting Performance Assessment Rubric supports unpacking multiple aspects of the interpretation, not just language fluency or vocabulary choices. This course takes an additional step in examining interpretation and reflection by sharing the interpretations of this same source text by a group of expert interpreters who, similarly to this course format, had opportunities to reflect upon their work. Finally, participants can apply their discoveries to a personal professional development plan, including application of the reflective practice to other interpreting samples.

Click here for more details!

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Yoga for Interpreters - Sundays

Hello everyone!

I am offering an online yoga class for ASL interpreters every Sunday at 5pmEST. This is a class to care for our bodies, quiet our minds, and rejuvenate our souls- it's a weekly intention to care for ourselves so we can better care for our communities. All the information is in the flyer, but if any questions arise, please feel free to contact me at the email listed on the flyer. Hope to see you there!

Ashley Wagner

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Public Health and Equity Program

Public Health and Equity Sign Language Interpreting Program

Begins August 13-18, 2023
12 CEUs
Free tuition

120-hour specialized program in medical, mental health, and behavioral health interpreting
Hybrid format with 1 week in-person residency and 9 month online coursework

Welcoming Deaf and hearing interpreters
Both credentialed and noncredentialed interpreters are eligible to apply.

Meets 40-hour training requirements for CCHI medical certification

Applications open now for 2023-2024

Apply Now!

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Deaf Wellness Center

Happy to share with you our new brochure and a photo of the current DWC staff. We are taking new referrals (age 17 and up or families/couples). We see Deaf/deaf, hard of hearing, late deafened, CODAs, SODAs, interpreters. We can do in-person at the University of Rochester and also can do zoom/videophone. Anyone residing in NY can take advantage of our services. Thanks for forwarding this on to your networks!
The quick link to request an appointment is at dwc.urmc.edu/schedule

Amanda O’Hearn, Ph.D., she/her
Associate Professor of Psychiatry (Psychology)
Deaf Wellness Center- Director of Clinical Services
University of Rochester Medical Center
300 Crittenden Blvd., Box Psych
Rochester, NY 14642
585-275-2285 v office
585-286-5085 vp office
585-276-0161 fax

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NTID - Interpreter Coordinator

Interpreting Coordinator

Job Responsibilities

The Academic and Non-Academic Coordinators of interpreting services coordinate the provision of interpreting service within their respective areas of responsibility, provide model interpreting services in a broad range of challenging assignments, and lead professional development and projects at both the team and department level.
The Academic and Non-Academic Coordinators of interpreting services are primarily responsible for the screening of requests and scheduling of services for a team of staff and work with freelance interpreters who provide approximately 18,500 hours of service each academic year. The Coordinator serves as primary point of contact between consumers and interpreters and facilitates their collaboration. The Coordinator works to find the most appropriate fit between interpreters, assignments, and consumers.

The Coordinators screen requests for compliance with RIT practices, and working constantly with their team and other coordinators/teams and local and distant freelance agencies to piece together coverage in a dynamic environment.

The Interpreting Coordinator positions at DAS are 12-month positions. In addition to coordinating and scheduling an average of nearly 450 hours each semester, Coordinators carry an interpreting load of approximately 500 hours per year.

  • Process / screen requests for interpreting services using ASDS. Communicate with requestors and consumers to clarify needs. Assess most appropriate fit between interpreters and assignments.
  • Serve as liaison between DAS and other RIT departments as well as external agencies regarding the provision of interpreting service
  • Address consumer issues/problems/concerns with services and refer issues to manager that require further intervention
  • Support manager through collection, generation and analysis of data regarding service needs/provision.
  • Provide interpreting services where needed. Coordinators accept a broad range of assignments to keep abreast of campus access service needs and consumer support
  • Engage in professional development, develop and lead in-service training and other activities for individual, team and department skill development
  • Observe, evaluate, and recommend professional development activities for skill growth. Provide feedback to manager regarding hiring and readiness for promotion.
  • Mentor developing staff members, observe, evaluate and recommend professional development activities for skill growth.

Apply here!

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NTID - Director of Access Services

Director, NTID Access Services

Job Summary

The Director of NTID Access Services provides strategic leadership to, and direction for, the College’s access service functions serving deaf and hard of hearing students, faculty, staff, and visitors.  The position reports to and directly assists the President of NTID with all matters related to planning and provision of access services at NTID and throughout the RIT campus.  As a member of the President of NTID’s management team, this individual will contribute to the development of overall strategic and operational decisions.

This position provides management oversight and leadership for a staff of more than 240 service providers, extensive external (freelance) service providers, and a budget in excess of $18M.

The primary focus of this position is to ensure that NTID is on the forefront of employing state of the art resources and techniques for the delivery of access services in an educational environment.  This includes innovating, searching for, adapting, and implementing best practices that are supported by research findings and field validation.  As part of this responsibility, this individual will seek to maintain national recognition for the excellence of NTID’s access services, for the purpose of serving as a model for other educational programs serving individuals who are deaf and hard of hearing.

Apply Here

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Bromberg & Associates

Currently Seeking Certified Interpreters for Remote Part Time and Full Time Positions

Here, at Bromberg & Associates, we are always looking to foster a multicultural work environment. Currently, we have an opening for a Remote American Sign Language (ASL) Staff Interpreter / Language Specialist who holds an active BEI or RID certification to join us in providing sign language services to the Deaf and Hard-of-Hearing community working from home.

Our ideal candidate would enjoy being part of a supportive in-house sign language interpreter team. They would provide interpreting services based on their skills and level of certification. New skills could be developed through self-paced RID-approved courses provided free to our interpreters. If you qualify and you would like to join our growing company, please apply.

Alternatively, if you are interested in contractual opportunities with Bromberg, we would be glad to discuss this direction with you as well. We have a large number of assignments that we would be glad to offer you, once you are part of our active roster.  Feel free to share this email with friends that qualify too. I hope to tell you a little more about this position and learn a few things about you, as well. 
If you are interested, send your resume to talent@brombergtranslations.com. I hope to hear from you soon! Take care.

Denice Draper, RID NIC Advanced
ASL Scheduling & Project Coordinator
Bromberg & Associates, LLC
T: (313) 481-4977 / F: (888) 225-1912
W: brombergtranslations.com

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Click above image for larger version

Keystone Interpreting Services

We are currently looking for a full-time American Sign Language (ASL) Staff Interpreters for Rochester Area of New York to join our dynamic team!  

The mission of KIS is to contribute and strengthen the Deaf community through trusted allies in communication equality.  KIS is also known as a unique resource for addressing diverse language and communication needs.  KIS has been providing on-site and remote interpreting services using leading-edge technology and evidence-based knowledge.  KIS is committed to providing the highest level of interpreting services with a deaf-centered approach.  We are keenly aware of the many communication challenges faced by businesses daily and are committed to providing solutions to these challenges.

Staff Interpreter will also provide any assistance to the KIS of NY team when it is needed. Staff Interpreter may be asked to work on specialized projects as assigned.


- RID certification or working towards obtaining certification
- Must be able to effectively communicate with hearing individuals and in American Sign Language (ASL), with deaf, and hard of hearing individuals
- Strong understanding of deaf culture, diversity, and inclusivity and resources related to deafness and interpreter standards
- Works minimally with the supervisor and the Scheduling team. Ability to maintain the confidentiality of highly sensitive information and comply with HIPAA and other privacy requirements
- Must be able to use appropriate industry terminology, and have excellent listening, retention, and presentation skills when applicable
- Must have the ability to work effectively in a variety of situations
- Must have access to reliable transportation to travel in Rochester area

Must exhibit competencies of:
- Problem Solving/Analysis
- Communication Proficiency
- Flexibility
- Ethical Conduct
- Time Management/Setting Priorities
- Attention to Detail

Apply here!

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URMC - Now Hiring

The University of Rochester Medical Center is now hiring interpreters for multiple roles!
Deaf Professional Interpreter - work with the many faculty, staff, trainees and students across the University's campuses
Patient Care Interpreter - work with patients at UR Medicine facilities around town, including covering the pager at Strong and Highland hospitals
Deaf Interpreter - work with patients at UR Medicine facilities around town, including covering the pager at Strong and Highland hospitals
Interpreter Scheduler - review interpreter requests and assign interpreters

See job listings by clicking on the following job numbers!
(When applying for a position with several job numbers, just apply to one. No need for multiple applications for the same job.)

Full-Time Deaf Professional Interpreter: #243328, #243329, #243330, #243331
Part-Time Deaf Professional Interpreter: #243332
Hourly Deaf Professional Interpreter: #243333, #243334
Hourly / On-Call Patient Care Interpreter: #232070
Hourly / On-Call Deaf Interpreter: #243681

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Interpretek - Now Hiring

Click above flyer for full PDF versions

Now Hiring:
Full-Time Interpreters - Rochester, NY; Rome, NY; Kansas City, MO
10 Month Full-Time Staff Interpreter - Florida
Staff Interpreter - Atlanta, Georgia; Florida
VRI Interpreters

See website for more information or contact Michelle Brewer for more details.

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Center for Disability Rights - Now Hiring

Freelance interpreters,
If you would like to expand your outreach with the Deaf community, we welcome you to become a freelance interpreter with CDR.
Please email your resume expressing interest to the Director of Deaf Services, Brooke Erickson, at is@cdrnys.org.

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Service Bridges - Now Hiring

Click the above image for the full PDF flyer.

The only Deaf owned and operated American Sign Language/English interpreter services agency serving greater Western New York is currently seeking qualified candidates for our Staff Interpreter team!

• Access to medical/dental/vision benefits
• Paid time off
• Base Salary + Hourly Rate
• First choice for preferred assignment types
• 24/7 support team

Qualified candidates, contact us today on our website or send an email to us directly at access@servicebridges.com

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Email the details and/or flyer to