Those using GVR as a CMP sponsor have responsibilities they must adhere to in order to get CEUs for themselves or for workshop participants. Failure to adhere to these responsibilities or to follow GVRRID's guidelines may lead to the inability to get CEUs.

In order for PINRA activities to be approved for CEUs, attendees must provide the following to the CMP Sponsor:

  1. PINRA form
  2. Supporting materials such as event description, conference agenda, learning objectives, flyers, brochures, etc

The CMP Sponsor will work with attendees to determine the following:

  1. Number of CEUs and if they are Professional Studies or General Studies
  2. How to prove attendance / participation

Attendees have the following responsibilities:

  1. Contacting the CMP sponsor to approve the event before attending.
  2. Filling out the PINRA form.
  3. Obtaining attendance / participation verification materials as agreed upon with the CMP Sponsor
  4. Sending the attendance/ participation verification materials to the CMP Coordinator within 10 days of the event.

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