Participant Initiated Non-RID Activities (PINRA) Definition

Participant Initiated Non-RID Activites are activities that bring new information into the field and are a way of documenting innovative educational programs. PINRAs include activities that an interpreter/transliterator wishes to attend but which are not offered by an RID approved sponsor. The activity must be sponsored by an organization with specific known standards and must have a specific format, educational objectives and purpose.

Benefits of Participant Initiated Non-RID Activities:

  • Makes almost any professional development activity an opportunity to earn CEUs
  • Enables you to find activities suited to what you want to study

What Qualifies as a PINRA?

  •  Audited college courses
  • Non-credit courses at an educational institution
  • Corporate trainings (non-proprietary in nature)
  • Community education
  • Non-mandatory school district in-services
  • Organizational conventions/workshops

Step to Complete a PINRA

  1. Obtain information about the activity you wish to attend
  2. Fill out a PINRA form
  3. Obtain supporting materials such as event description, conference agenda, learning objectives, flyers, brochures, etc
  4. Submit the form and supporting materials to Alyx Vaisey before the event you wish to attend
  5. Work with Alyx to determine the number of CEUs, which type they will be, and how you will prove attendance
  6. Once approved, attend the event and obtain previously agreed upon materials to prove your attendance
  7. Submit the materials to Alyx and your CEUs will be entered onto your transcript within 45 days

Things to Consider

  • Keep in mind most sponsors have full-time jobs other than their work as sponsors.
  • Please do not call a sponsor the day before an activity. You might be disappointed to find that the sponsor will not be able to sponsor that event for you.
  • When using a PINRA for General Studies CEUs, it should be for activities that enhance the interpreter's base of general and world knowledge for the purpose of furthering their professional development.
  • Sponsors will discuss the PINRA with you to determine whether it is CEU-worthy, which category the activity will fall (general studies vs. professional studies) and how many CEUs can be awarded for the activity.
  • Please note, it is the sponsor’s right and responsibility to secure the necessary documentation from the CEU requestor to properly sponsor the activity according to the CMP Standards & Criteria.
  • See for more information
GVRRID's PINRA guidelines can be found here.
Contact Alyx Vaisey with any questions!!

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