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Two Sides of the Same Coin: Hearing and Deaf Interpreters' Understanding of the CPC

Views of CPC workshop flyer

Presented by Naomi Sheneman

Preliminary interpretation of research investigating Deaf interpreters’ ethical decision-making process indicate that they have a different view of the CPC than hearing interpreters, largely influenced by their Deaf extralinguistic knowledge (DELK). From this, came the idea for this workshop: an opportunity for Hearing and Deaf interpreters to convene and discuss their interpretation of the CPC tenets. In this workshop, Naomi will be sharing some details from her research, including some real-life situations for participants to assess. A selection of CPC tenets will be highlighted for participants’ interpretations and reflection on meaning from multiple perspectives. This workshop can be the beginning of an ongoing discussion of how Deaf and hearing interpreters may approach ethical decisions differently; to improve understanding and collaboration in Deaf-Hearing interpreting teams.

This workshop will be presented in ASL without interpretation.  Deadline for registration is May 13, 2015 or until seats are full.  Please register now to get your seat.

Please contact Chris Kelley or Matthew Disch with any questions about this workshop or access/accommodations.

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