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HI / DI Practical Workshop

The workshop has been cancelled due to low number of registrations.

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HI DI Practical flyer

Community Room
Rochester View Apartments
4365 West Henrietta Road
Rochester, NY  14623

Questions or accommodation requests must be made by August 1, 2016. Please contact Matthew Disch.

While many workshops talk about the theory of The HI/DI team, where it is used, why it is used, and a few fundamental principles, few go into depth on how to make the team work well. What are the elements that go into creating a good working Hearing/Deaf Interpreting team?

This workshop will look at several elements of the team relationships.

First, we will explore what needs to be said before and after the interpreted event. How do the working interpreters prepare for and process their work?

Second, we will look at the relationships between all the parties of an interpreted event. What is the relationship between the Deaf interpreter and the Deaf client, between the Deaf client and the Hearing person, between the Hearing interpreter and the hearing person, and between the two interpreters (or more if there is a need for two teams)?

Third, how do we help each other while we work. How do we signal clarifications, corrections, or make suggestions while in process? As we monitor what our team is doing, what is needed so that the participants in the interpreted event remains the focus?

Fourth, if there is a long term relationship with the Hearing professional, how can the team assist in ensuring the sanctity of the relationship between the hearing and Deaf people and still provide valuable feedback to them so that communication develops.

And finally, what needs to be said to all parties so that they understand the process and how it is different from having only a hearing interpreter. What is the process, why is it needed, how do we explain it, who explains it?

Friday night will be a theoretical introduction to the work of HI- DI teaming.

On Saturday the workshop will be predominantly hands-on. The group will divide into interpreting teams and work on a wide variety of situations where they might find themselves. We will look at the above questions as well as practical questions that arise in the moment. Students will have an opportunity to practice introductions, processing after the job, as well as work together during various role-plays. Special consideration will be given to the unique relationships that build between the two Deaf people and the the two hearing people and how that can be used to help make the communication more effective.

Note: This workshop is offered in two parts. Participants who plan to attend the 5 hour session on Saturday are required to attend Friday night.

Participants in this workshop will be able to:

  1. Describe their work to people who have never experienced working with a Deaf interpreter.
  2. Effectively discuss and prepare for an upcoming job with their team.
  3. Effectively process their interpreting work at the conclusion of an interpreted event.
  4. Identify elements that assist in educating the parties involved in the event so that they understand the efficacy of using a Deaf interpreter.
  5. Demonstrate an ability to share the interpreting work equally with their team.
  6. Identify various elements in an interpreting environment that are better handled by the Deaf interpreter or the Hearing interpreter.
  7. Demonstrate effective techniques for providing feedback to the team interpreter while working.

GVRRID is an approved RID CMP Sponsor for Continuing Education Activities. This workshop is offered for 0.7 Professional Studies CEUs at the Little/none Content Knowledge Level for interpreters interested in working inside a Hearing/Deaf Interpreting Team.

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